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Learn about Tower Tag & Label hang tabs and POP items.

The Gift Wrap Hanger

Gift Wrap Hanger_1025

Stay tuned to learn more about our gift wrap hanger…coming soon!

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Tag Along Bottle Necker

Promote a small item using Tower Tag & Label’s Tag Along Bottle Neckers. This Special design allows you to attach a promotional item to a bottle of wine or liquor.

As seen in the picture to the right of this text, our customer wanted to promote a small package of Wine Away by attaching it to their bottle of Wine. Tower Tag worked with our customer to create the perfect Tag Along Bottle Necker Hang Tab for their promotional item and Wine bottle.

During the design process we worked with our customer to formulate the exact ridged dimensions needed to hold the bottle necker hang tab in precise location needed; at the top of the wine bottle neck. All the while, also taking into consideration the size at the bottom of the bottle necker hang tab and the amount of adhesive to hold the Wine Away packet without failure.

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